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You will really see the results at about the 12-week mark, with 20 – 30% of your fat cells gone for good. Just over 12 weeks on and my treated area is noticeably smaller and more defined, so I consider that a win. The first thing you’ll notice is that the treated area is incredibly cold, which shouldn’t really come as a shock considering you’ve just frozen a part of your body.
In order to keep good condition, I plan to go to La Bella once a week, hope to improve myself. 22-25% of the fat which is ‘sucked’ into the handpiece applicator head is removed with each treatment. Fat freezing Melbourne CBD For most people, one treatment per area is adequate, however some people prefer to have or may require further repeat treatments on the same area to have more fatty tissue removed from that area.
The process, however, isn't exclusive to the birthing period — it continues through a woman's lifetime, weakening the skin's structure. This collagen breakdown sets the stage for the formation of cellulite. Progesterone may also contribute to the cellulite problem by weakening veins and causing water retention and weight gain. Though less common due to different skin structures, men may also develop cellulite. Introducing the strongest, fastest and most comfortable treatment to clinically improve cellulite, tighten loose skin, smooth fat deposits and boost your confidence. Venus Legacy™ has proven effectiveness producing clearly visible results that other therapies can not match.

Once you’re in position, your technician will place a special vacuumed applicator to the treatment area. To be perfectly honest, I have to say that it isn’t exactly what I’d call pleasurable for the first 10 – 20 seconds. But, believe me when I tell you that you’ll get through it and be totally fine. You very quickly forget about the discomfort as it lessens to a dull ache as the cooling process takes effect. The cooling energy of the machine treats the fat layer without damaging any surrounding cells so all you have to do is pop in a podcast and enjoy some you-time for the next hour. Enjoy smooth and silky skin with effective laser hair removal that uses the latest Fotona Frac 3 lasers.
It is also used post-liposuction (4-8 weeks later) to decrease the cellulite that remains on the top level of the skin, as well as smooth irregularities in the skin caused by the procedure . With our CryoForm® Fat Freezing advanced 360° surround cooling technology, we provide a comfortable treatment in nearly half the time as other industry machines. This advanced technology safely reduces fat from all major areas, including the abdomen, love handles, flanks, bra-bulges, back fat, as well as the inner and outer thighs, buttocks and chin area. Multiple areas can be treated at the same time as well as advanced pressure adjustment for comfortableness during treatment.

The skin is able to be reshaped by promoting immediate collagen contraction that stimulates further collagen production. Radio Frequency energy breaks down stubborn fat and stimulates collagen and elastin production to tighten the skin's fibres. The skin appears firmer and smoother, with less visible dimpling, lumps and unsightly bumps. Turn back the clock with this treatment using advanced Radio Frequency energy which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to firm & plump the skin. Not only does this rejuvenate your skin but it creates smoother, fresher and younger looking skin.
The applicators are applied to an area of the body and a controlled cooling technique freezes the fatty tissues. Without doing any damage to surrounding cells, the fatty tissues crystallize and die and eliminate from the body naturally. Book in below or contact our Melbourne CBD Clinic with any questions by phone, email or in store. Permanently eliminate up to 30% of stubborn fat cells with cryolipolysis fat freezing. We use Clatuu technology with 360 degree cooling applicators for more effective treatment. The non-invasive process makes Cryo Fat Freezing a safer and quicker alternative to liposuction, with treatments requiring no anesthesia, no surgery, and no downtime.
Within several weeks of the treatment, the dead, frozen fat cells pass out of the body through the liver—the full extent of the fat loss results are thus revealed in three months. Results will continue to improve over six months after the treatment. CoolSculpting for double chin reduction has its own unique applicator which is smaller and more precise than the rest of the CoolSculpt applicators. Treatment of the neck is included in this procedure, which typically shows results after one to three sessions. You can return to your normal activities immediately after your treatment - Freeze away your stubborn fat today. Each individual will respond to the treatment differently, and therefore no clinic should or can claim to offer a 100% success rate in non-surgical fat reduction.

If you are searching for fat freezing, coolsculpting is like saying - you are hoovering when you are vacuuming. The targeted tissue is drawn into the fat freezing handle and the cells are taken to -9 degrees centigrade. Men and women respond the same to treatment and fat freezing for men still requires an assessment for the number of handles or sessions.
At Body Catalyst, we are not only the largest and most experienced body shaping clinic in Australia, we also offer competitively priced weight loss treatments in Sydney. We consistently perform more treatments per year than our competitors, our reviews and legion of loyal and satisfied customers speak for themselves. At Body Catalyst our therapists are qualified nutritionists and health professionals, a key element of the body shaping process that is integral to the way we work.

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