Botox Course

Cosmetic Courses has six dedicated training centres across Belfast, the South East, East and West Midlands and the North East of England. He was cleared of several other misconduct charges, including a claim that he encouraged nurses to top up Botox with a saline solution; encouraged attendees at his course to ignore a patient's medical history; or informed them administering Botox without a prescription was within their industry guidelines.
We normally consider the following qualifications for entry to our postgraduate taught programmes: Bachelor Degree (minimum 3 years) from one of the following institutions: Fiji National University, the University of Fiji, or the University of South Pacific, Fiji.

After roles as a Sales Representative and Regional Sales Manager with a Pharma company, he joined Allergan in 1999 as a Product Specialist for the Botox® team, just as Botox® aesthetic use was starting to take off in the UK. There he met Ron Myers, his business partner, and they quickly recognised that this was going to be a fast moving and interesting market.
If this is not your background then we recommend that you either take a Level 3 course in Beauty Therapy, which will enable you to join our Botox training Skin Rejuvenation courses , or retrain in medicine, nursing or dentistry if your ambition is to deliver botulinum toxins or dermal fillers.

Practical session commences - (12.30 - 1800) - and in total on average we have scope for one model per 30 minutes on both of the Dermal filler days, so that's a potential for 10 in total for a class size of maximum 4, which will give good hands on experience, as the way we train is to allow several people the opportunity to be involved with each patient - e.g. splitting into the phases of treatment, which allows the trainees to understand the concept of the treatment process.
Developed in partnership with expert practitioners and the leading professional associations in aesthetics, the competency based programme has been designed to fully meet the recommendations for practice identified by Health Education England (2014) Education for non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

He booked on to the dermal filler course and took his wife and 4 friends as models and they then forced him to do the Botox® course, but luckily the Academy was happy for him to enrol on this a few weeks later, (no surprise there then, I'm sure they were happy to take his £1,300 too!) He continues to explain how word is spreading and that he injects friends of friends every moth now.

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