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You can also drop by during opening hours to browse through our large selection of designer frames. For many patients, contact lenses are the vision correction option that suits their lifestyle best. optometrist in austin We’ll conduct a contact lens exam and provide you with a fitting to find out what prescription and lens works for you. We carry many of the top brands to provide you with a variety of options.

Click here to learn more about other Eye Care options in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, the majority of patients cannot tell if they have glaucoma. This is because, glaucoma robs the eye of its extreme peripheral vision first, and we are not as sensitive to this type of vision loss. Everyone should be screened for glaucoma with vision testing, eye pressure checks and optic nerve examination during a routine visit. Click here to learn more about Cataract Treatment in Austin Texas.
By focusing primarily on glaucoma, we are able to provide the best eye care available to patients with glaucoma as well as those at risk of developing the disease. St. David’s Foundation generously provides funding each year to the Vision Voucher Program. The program began in October 2011 and CommUnityCare serves as the coordinating organization.

We keep many types of toric contacts on hand for our patients with astigmatism and we also offer color contacts. We truly care about our patients and are passionate about the work we do and the results we produce. At Tech Ridge Vision we understand that by giving patients the best care possible, we have the opportunity to change lives and improve your quality of life.
Advanced medical, laser, and surgical interventions are available, with on-site lasers and a minor procedure suite for added patient convenience. Glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases with common features including eye pressure too high for the health of the eye, damage to the optic nerve, and loss of sight. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare supplements, and most insurance plans. If you have any questions, please call our office at or toll free at . Very efficient and friendly – got the impression that this was the way they operate all of the time.

Our staff will be checking your temperature upon your arrival. If you have a fever (100.4° F) or are otherwise unwell, then we will reschedule your appointment. Plan on coming to your appointment alone or accompanied by one primary caregiver.
All exam rooms, pre-test stations, exposed surface areas and opticians’ desks are sprayed and wiped with Cavicide disinfecting solution between every patient. Hand sanitizer is provided in the office and required to enter the lobby. Glare is that annoying bright light that causes you to squint.

We are working hard to provide the highest level of care while keeping you safe. Dr. Smith is a therapeutic optometrist dedicated to providing the best possible eyecare to his patients. We would be honored to have you as a patient and will do everything we can to enhance and protect something as precious as your eyesight and your family’s. Use of this website and any information contained herein is governed by the Healthgrades User Agreement.
LASIK consultations are free, and the website has patient reviews to obtain information about the quality and efficiency of the center's eye professionals. At Eye Clinic of Austin, we pride ourselves on bringing patients the latest in eye care technology. The combination of our highly experienced team and these incredible advancements correct and sharpen your vision so you can see effortlessly with less reliance on glasses. Redefine your vision and schedule your free cataract consultation today.
All patient’s presenting with a fever will be rescheduled and temperatures will be taken upon entry to the facility. Dry eye syndrome is a condition in which a person doesn't have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. OCULUS Keratograph 5M is a corneal topographer that is useful for the detection & evaluation of Dry Eye symptoms. With its built-in real keratometer and color camera, the Keratograph 5M produces incredible images of your eye. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration, and please contact us with any questions or concerns at or at

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