Lalique Encre Noire Ideas

I wrote a longer review but accidentally killed it by refreshing the page. It's the wearable version of L'Extreme (which I'd only wear if I were to actually go outside near or in foresty nature) with a not as intense sweet Resin note. People who say this smells like death must be city folk.
A vetiver celebration sounds like such a nice idea! I might have to take a bath with my homemade vetiver salts today to top it all off.

A refined fragrance develoiped with high quality, natural raw materials. Magnetic essence, sumptuous promise of virility and sensuality… Elegant and distinguished trail leaving an unforgettable impression, a hymn to Vetyver. You have to love cypress, that's really the main affair. I'm a big fan but I can see how it would put some off. Fast forward a year, and I had the urge to sample it again, along with its two siblings—I bought 5ml decants of all three. The original has a dry nuttiness and paint/ink-like quality that was distinctive and addictive—I bought a bottle last winter.
I blind-bought this and its Definitely a blind buy considering the price. Good performance too, sprayed this on my shirt and could still smell it like a week later. As woman I would love to smell it on a man, I could use for myself just to enjoy the fragrance, but not going out. I love comments and appreciate the time you take to connect with me, but please do not insert links to your blog or store. The comment feature is not intended to provide an advertising venue for your blog or your commercial site. I've been reading many reviews on fragrances over the past few weeks, as I'm looking for one that will work for this summer. Encre Noire is available both as an EDT and a 2 oz EDP.

As the name indicates, it's dark and pretty challenging. A simple blend, not too many notes with a strong woody opening , and I would swear I get a little cedar although it's not listed. The opening is hard to define, the cypress and vetiver combination gives it a very original, almost tobacco-like vibe.
All trademarks cited on this website are the property of their respective owners. Copyright Fragrances & Cosmetics Co.™; discover beauty online all rights reserved. Tester versions come in the same bottle as the retail version and include the same amount and quality of the fragrance.
My son wears this scent all the time and he smells SO GOOD! I asked him about it the other day and I actually tried it on myself but for whatever reason it doesn't smell very good on me.

On the other hand, if you can rock it which I'm some people can, this scent is cheap in price but the quality is insane. It projects like frenzy and you could get 12+ hours of projection and 24+ hours strong skin scent. The vetiver note is also quite well done even though I don't like the mix. It's truly an affordable niche type fragrance and I makes me respect it a lot.
Apart from that this stuff is something else. A must in your collection if you are interested in scents if you ask me. If Marcus Aurelius wore fragrance, it would be this one.

It is a long-lasting perfume with moderate projection. For those of us with more than one bottle of perfumer the change of the seasons signals a change in the perfumes we look forward to wearing. I thought read more I’d share my five favorite vetivers as I dust them off and move them to the front of the shelf for the summer. I like the grapefruit opening and how the aquatic notes complement the vetiver and woods.
Lastly, when the decant sample is ready, it is thoroughly and thoughtfully wrapped for shipping. is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men which could also be worn by women. The fragrance contains the dominant notes of Vetiver, Cypress, Cashmere Wood and Musk. A slightly rank/green vetiver charred with the suggestion of loam, smoke from burning rubber. It is pretty similar to BBW Black too, but richer and deeper. I would consider this a perfect unisex smoked vetiver scent. It’s not like we all are supposed to like the same thing.

Top note is cypress; middle note is vetiver; base notes are musk and cashmere wood. EC begins darker from the beginning and you know where the journey is going. The vetiver is very present and over the wearing period is the main accord of the fragrance. TdH begins more citric and a little brighter. The vetiver appears more friendly and not so overpresent. But apart from that, these fragrances are twins for MY nose. Both I find strenuous to wear, although they are fragrances.
If it was a location, it would be a snowy norwegian forest. I don't consider this a regular fragrance that you mindlesly spray it on yourself. It's more like an artform that used a bottle and scented water as the vehicle, kinda like how i see Versace Dreamer. Very unique and paints images and experiences in your mind.
It has graduated to become one of my favorite cooler weather scents. Synthetic, smells like spilled ink, and does NOT resemble Sycomore. unfortunately it has been lasting all of 3 hours on me lately. With that said, I think Hommage a l'homme Voyageur is the better vetiver scent. It's also a "dirty" vetiver but it adds vanilla and amber to the dry down which really puts it on another level for me. If you get a chance, try the Sport version.

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