Marriage Therapy In New York City

Dr. John Gottman says: 'If there is one lesson I have learned from my years of research it is that a lasting marriage results from a couple's ability to resolve the conflicts that are inevitable in any relationship'. During a conflict, the butterfly will accuse the stone of being "cold" or "not caring," while the stone will blame the butterfly of being "too emotional" or irrational." After the argument, the butterfly can usually calm down more quickly, while it takes the stone a longer time to feel better.
For example, rather than saying I came to couples therapy to convince my partner to clean up after they make a mess, try to phrase it in the following way: I've come here to learn how to express my needs to my partner constructively and to accept the things I can't change about them.

When clients ask 'can you help my marriage' they are given research validated tools, hands on help and uguided instruction utilizing couple therapy exercises, emotionally focused couples therapy and coMany people contact Couples Therapy New York wanting to know "how to save my marriage".
We discover our unexpressed emotions, passions, and dreams, listening to the deepest parts of ourselves, trusting in our best instincts to thrive and transform - with someone who cares - our therapist, our partner, our family and our friends - and we begin to take action.

Relationship and family problems; sexual difficulties; divorce support for adults and children; symptoms of anxiety and depression; problems with academic and occupational performance, career advancement, and work-related stress; gay and lesbian issues; helping individuals establish and maintain their recovery from substance abuse; attention deficit disorder; anger management; and adjustment difficulties of childhood and adolescence.
These might include more fulfilling relationships, more effective use of one's talents and abilities, maintain a realistic sense of self esteem, tolerate a wider array of strong feelings without acting out, have more satisfying sexual experiences, greater understanding of self and other and face life's challenges with greater freedom and flexibility.
Some have reported that their counselors would say things like, "After all he did to you, and you feel guilty?" I have heard hundreds of women report this kind of pressure from their therapists and have heard hundreds of therapists at conferences express exasperation about their clients' reluctance to leave their walking-on-eggshells relationships.

Anthony Freire, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, Kelley Hershman, LMHC, Kate Engstrom, LCSW, and the team at the Soho Center For Mental Health Counseling & Clinical Supervision in Greenwich Village of New York City provide couples counseling services for all types of couples who want to improve their communication skills and work on their relationship together.
Whatever your situation is, I can help you slow down and create the stability and calm you need in order to work on what needs to be worked on. As I help couples establish a safe-enough environment that is conducive to constructive communication, I also begin helping them to understand what is required from each partner in order to move the relationship in the right direction.
The initial phone call or email: When reaching out before a first couples therapy session, share enough to gauge whether you want to make an initial appointment, but be aware that, unless both of you teen therapy are on the phone, it may be best to share little beyond the essentials in this conversation so the your first encounter with the therapist gives both of you the chance to present the relationship.

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