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With September quickly sneaking up, I'm starting to get that annual back-to-school feeling: part excitement, part dread, but mostly end-of-summer blues. Choose from a variety of 2-hour classes including ‘White Wines of France' or ‘Red Wines of Italy.' Kevin, founder of the popular Windows on the World Wine School, rates wine by asking, How long does this wine give me pleasure?” and is known for his skill at entertaining an audience while sharing his vast wine knowledge.
Whether you are a wine enthusiast who wants to be able to order or collect with confidence, a hospitality industry professional who needs to be knowledgeable about wine, or someone who is ready to prepare to become a winemaker, there are online training programs that can help you master the skills you need.

Whether you're planning a bachelorette, birthday or bridal party, a corporate team-building event for your company or just want to organize a special evening for friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues — a cooking and wine tasting class is one of the most fun and entertaining ideas people enjoy.
Wine House offer a range of courses from the ever popular ‘Introduction to Wine appreciation' to specialised courses such as ‘The French Wine Course' and ‘The food and Wine Matching Course.' Our courses are relaxed, fun and informative and are a great way to taste lots of wine and improve your palate and wine knowledge.

Whether you're looking for a solid Wine 101 course (three weeks of 2 hour courses to get you up to speed on contemporary Aussie and global offerings), or a proper and certified sommelier course, this school ensures you're never in a classroom with more than 11 other people, keeping things as intimate and learner-friendly as they should be. Relaxed, totally unpretentious, and brilliantly in-depth and informative, this is an academy which fully deserves its fantastic reputation.
A: If you have enough time and resources anything is possible, however, there is so much inaccurate and information on the internet it is often hard to tell what is worth spending time on. Our program was designed, researched, and written by wine professionals that understand the responsibility of creating courses that conform to professional education standards.
Parts of our courses are almost of a university level, but most are set at an academic level just below that - also because we hold practical experience to be equally important (almost all courses have some practical aspects such as wine tasting exercises and on-site training at a wine business near you- see later).

It is for these reasons then that, over the course of our existence, we have formed associations with other wine educating institutions and universities, and used well-regarded course advisers and tutors, but EWA (through its Principal) has also, at various times been a member or affiliated with the following institutions or professional bodies that oversee standards of e-learning introduction to wine tasting and wine education: The European Association for Distance Learning, Association of British Correspondence Colleges, The Society of Wine Educators in the United States of America, International Council for Open and Distance Education, European Association for International Education, European Council for Business Education and the British Association for Open Learning.
The International Wine Education Centre (IWEC) offers a full range of WSET wine and spirit education courses from the introductory WSET Level 1 Award in Wines to WSET Level 3 Award in Wines both in the classroom and as online distance learning courses.

This is part of a series of online wine education. For many, the classroom experience helps to hammer home the theory; a tutored tasting component brings each region to life. WSET Level 1, 2 and 3 programs. And don't forget, the best way to learn about wine is by simply tasting it. The more you taste, the more you will learn.
An understanding of the major grape varieties and styles of wines they produce. ISG's online format supports easy learning while ensuring extensive knowledge and understanding. Ultimately, ISG is a 9-12 month crash course that gives students the opportunity to build their own wine program and inventory from scratch for practice.

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